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June 16, 2009



Any chance you could put a search box on your sidebar? I have looked and can't find one.

Costa Rica Luxury

Great pictures indeed, thanks for sharing the link, now good magazine has also become one of my favorites !

canvas pictures

Very nice image. The pool seems so out of place.

Sharen Chatterton

Thanks for sharing, the "No Lifeguard on Duty" series is a great collection, very cool images.

Brandon Hurley

I love this Photo. Perfect name for a completely deserted pool. Almoast gives me sort of an eerie feeling. Love it, Love it.


What an appropriate title for this great shot!

Tracy, Velocity Fulfillment

Anne Russell

cool pool ...graphically groovy

Jo Owensmurray

I need a know good magazine, but do you believe a bug collector is any artist, from 60min, he designs bugs for Gods living room, I am sure that would please anyone to kill of what they created, we need to save the plant, not kill it off one bug at a time.

mehndi patterns

nice one i also like the good magazine thanks for sharing it


Awesome picture and I agree with Brandon, the title is so appropriate.

Metal Wall Art

I also admire the works of J. Bennett Fitts. This is awesome. I really admire his talent. He's just perfect.

Matthew Rose

Hello Paige,

I wanted to point out this new work (couldn't find your contact details on the site) ...

Rubens Rounding Third: http://www.keepcalmgallery.com/artists/matthew_rose/mrrubens-rubens_rounding_third.htm

Nice for the All Star Break!




I love the eerie feel of this photograph! The title is perfect.

Stuart Marsden

Great images, thanks for making time for sharing the post, the magazine is one of my all time of my favorites !

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