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March 04, 2009


Aysen Ohron

Thanks for being a supporter!



just got your book on buying art and I must admit I got it for the glossy pics of wonderful art. Can't wait for my youngest daughter to come home at spring break and see this wonderful book, she will love it!

Haven't really read any of the text in detail yet- to many pictures to distract me- but I did briefly looking at the framing bit as I work as an assistant to a framer and believe me she would not be happy with your comments. I will need to show her what your wrote and see what she says - it could be interesting LOL.

Have a good time in Dallas, was there last weekend to visit daughter. Hate the place! well driving around it anyway. Have yet to find the art galleries apart from the Art Musuem and the Nasher center which we visited last weekend.

Paige West

Jacqui - Thanks for buying my book. I would love to hear what your framer friend would say about my comments. I am always learning especially as I am not a framer. All the best!

Bromo Ivory

I just back from the Armory Show - having got into this strange new world for me through your book. I noticed a hunger in many galleries that I supposed were not the ones who relied solely upon their client lists.

I found the satellite fairs to be the most interesting and compelling - with excited energy about art, the main Armory show was much more quiet and staid, and a few half hearted "don't quite get it" statements on the economy there in some pieces. With one gallerist I overheard talking into a cell phone lamenting that the pieces above $100k "were not moving at all." Mind boggling given the times and the budgets people have these days (plus what banker wants to be singled out by Congress for buying a $100k+ art piece during "troubled times?")

I guess my impression is that there was a lot of "art" and less "commercial" discussions going on and it was both compelling and enlightening for me. While I hope the economy has a fast recovery, I would also like to see the discussions of ideas and art continue regardless. The "who paid what for what" is more gossip than real discussion.

oil painting

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