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April 28, 2008



hi - i just clicked on your profile via art fag city, and saw that you did a documentary of scarpitta. what is the name? is that something i can rent? thanks.


What a waste.


What A fucking Waste! I hope this fucking fag fucking dies in a little fucking Honda! wait thats too good for him.. how about a Firefly


Martin, The name of the documentary on Sal Scarpitta is ART AND RACING. You can't rent it but if you send me your address at paige@mixedgreens.com I will send you a copy. Free. It is in VHS form. Sorry.


The hoods on those cars were worth more than the wine those Prius driving pussies were drinking! Use jap crap for "art", not classic American cars you douchebags!


This is great! Such an original idea and something I have never seen before. I like the underlining meaning about the "muscle" cars. The title explains it well, and the inevitable death should come soon for the manly man and his muscle car. Once again we see great art produced and a double meaning which degrades gender roles and sexism in America.

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well it just wasting some pretty cars

Tom Anderson

What would have made that exhibit great is to have placed Mr. Schitter in the middle of those two cars. We could have called it the "Slow and Inevitable Death of a Buttwad".

Mr. Schitter should take a look around and soak in the enormous continuing popularity of American Muscle from all the decades, the GROWING number of restoration supply houses, and the fact that muscle and sporting cars continue to be made with no end in sight.

But that would take some actual thinking.

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