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July 09, 2006



The Demand isn't so hot, actually. His first video piece on Montreal worked really well, but with the Serpentine show he has chosen to decorate the gallery with wallpaper of his own design, emphasising the domestic nature of the space. The wallpaper is lovely, but it doesn't do the photographs any favours and somehow the show veers towards the portentious.


Ash - Thanks for the feedback on the Demand show. Very good to know!

Angela Ferreira

I live in UK and some shows pass me over the shoulder... If I visited America there were dozens I would love too see like the Visionary Art Museum, Alex Gray and others, the grass is always greener on the other side...


there are currently several new pieces by demand on display at the MMK (Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt am Main.)
so if you happen to be there... (i was lucky enough to be,)
visit das MMK.


This is very cool work..Marcel Dzama. thanks.

soraya marcano

This is a great blog.


Cool image- very clever and original too.

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Hi ash,
If you live in Portugal where do you go?
You have good taste!
Very nice blog.
Best Regards,

new york

Looking for the Lynn Twins, They do the weirdess paintings. especially their collaborative paintings! saw their work at Puck Show. They are represented by a gallery in Memphis. dont know of any New York representation, any info.


It's too bad that when I visited Britain, I wasn't able to drop by there.

Anyway, I hope you can find time too to check out my own collection of myspace graphics. I'll be very open to hearing your feedback. Thanks.


Hi there, just found your site through google and it's really interesting, just a shame that you have stopped blogging.


Wish you were still blogging or had a link to your new blog. It would be a great resource for me to pass on.


Every year there is one new sleazy collector who discovers that women in the art world are easy prey, and decides to hit the art fair/opening circuit in lieu of, or in addition to the international club scene.

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Nicholas Forrest

Beautiful artwork, cant wait to go to England (july, woo!!)



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