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May 15, 2006



Lovely to see someone standing up and holding spaces accountable for rude behavior. Lucky for me, Seattle is shockingly friendly, but when I visit other cities I am generally exhausted by the effort it takes to learn about any work I see in a gallery.

Patrick Blaine

Dear Paige,

Thanks for putting up this site. It's nice to know I'm not the only person who is exasperated with the bad behavior in the art world. If no one stands up to these parasitic gallery owners out there they will be able to continue with business as normal.

I recently participated in a show at the Marziart Gallery in Hamburg, Germany and am in the middle of a bad experience with the owner of the gallery. I have a description of what happened and the responses I have gotten to posting my complaint(two from the owner of the gallery). It can be found on my blog at:


Thank you, Patrick Blaine


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