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May 15, 2006


MAO - Modern Art Obsession

Wow.. so I thought I was the only collector to be treated rudely and unprofessionally in a Chelsea Gallery!! NOT!!

Great Post Paige!!

But if you're going to write about everytime someone treats you badly in the NYC art gallery world.. you're going to be posting almost everyday! It's so shameful. Good Luck.


For people who need help guessing:

carol es

and here i thought only artists were pooped on. ...ya gotta love nyc. (or not.)

Lisa Hunter

This may be merely anecdotal, but I've found uptown galleries to be vastly more polite than Chelsea galleries. Do you also notice a geographical propensity towards rudeness?


Lisa...I haven't noticed a difference in rudeness based on location. Uptown, downtown, in town or out, my feeling is that there are good eggs and bad seeds in all areas of the art world. The key for me is to know where the good attitudes reside and try to support those galleries as much as I can. I also try to avoid galleries in which I've had a negative experience. Someone wrote on a previous post about bad behavior that it is often the artist who suffers when galleries go bad. I couldn't agree more.

The link to the previous post, as some of those comments relate in this case:


Marshall Astor

At both my gallery and my office visitors wander into "staff" or "office" areas all of the time. Unless they started rifling around on my desk, why should I mind if they are curious? I've found that engaging visitors and giving them a little tour "behind the scenes" is a great way to get to know my visitors.

I go into other galleries and get the stinkeye or worse when I try to peek in the back. Unwarranted gallery pretentiousness isn't exclusive to New York by any means.


Go Team!


Oh...one more thing I want to add to my previous comment. One way I try to avoid having the artist suffer from lousy gallery behavior is to find out if the artist shows with another - hopefully friendlier - gallery. (Googling sometimes works.) Of course, few artists have multiple galleries, but even if the artist has only been in a group show at another gallery, sometimes that gallery will try to help you - maybe by scheduling a studio visit or putting you in touch with the artist directly. You may still have to deal with the bad behavior gallery when purchasing a work, but at least you can get to know the work a little better in the studio - without the ugliness.

Deborah Fisher

Great post, Paige. Like Carol, I thought it was just that I am an artist. Whatever... I don't see how it's a smart business practice.

Just to stay on the good foot, here are a few galleries in which folks are consistently courteous:

Feature, Inc.
Plus Ultra
Mixed Greens
Freight & Volume
Zach Feuer
Priska Juschka


Sometimes bad behavior happens accidentally. The first time I took my young dog, normally a very proper creature, to an art show, she took one look at a painting and peed in front of it. I immediately got all of the friends I had come with to run to the bathroom and bring back paper towels. We cleaned it up. Since the dog is too severe a critic, she is not allowed to go into galleries any more.


Carol -- thanks for the list of nice galleries. I plan on posting about good experiences, too.

Daniel Cooney


I have trying to get you into my gallery since I opened! I promise to be nice if you ever make it!



Horrors! Where HAVE the Standards of Civilization gone. Or even basic common sense.

I do agree that if you write about bad behavior, it will consume the vast majority of your time, but then it may also provide an incentive for people to learn some manners, which is all to the good.

At the risk of accumulating bad karma, I will just mention that I myself have been treated so rudely at P.J. on two separate occasions that I have ceased to visit them, and have forwarded all their emails to my 'spam' filter. A dealer is doing his own artists incalculable harm by alienating their public.

team has a strong program
BUT that odd-looking species that sits at the desk (she is actually called the gallery director) has really bad karma and will likely result in her timely departure from 26th Street


Hi ! Your site is very interesting. Thank you.

maybe if you looked at the show harder, the gallery people would be nicer. Team does not have a group show up now.


Maybe if you looked at the post a little harder, this blogger would be nicer. The post was written on May 15. I state in the post that I visited Team a few weeks before the post was written. Team may not have a group show up now, but they did in April when I visited.

Linda Mitchell

Visit Pittsburgh, I have yet to meet a rude person at an art gallery here. We're all sweetarts.


Okay, wow, now I feel relieved that my poor interactions with gallery associates isn't totally based on my being a black man.

Cynthia Flood


Interesting web-site. I am glad to know someone else shares my views on bad behavior in the "art world" lol.



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