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February 23, 2006



What, no ArtCal mention? It's there in your links on the right. No e-mail, but there are RSS and iCal feeds.


Barry - Thanks for the addition. I knew I'd leave out a few good ones.

Patrick May

Flavor Pill offers focused art info through Artkrush.

A second on ArtCal too :-)



Instant Coffee here on the other side of the border. I used to write for ic-Montreal. From their blurb:

IC VANCOUVER: [email protected] : local van/bc
IC ALBERTA: [email protected] : ed-cal-bnf/ab
IC HALIFAX : [email protected] : local halifax/maritime
IC EVENTS : [email protected] : local toronto/ontario
IC INTER-NATIONAL : [email protected] : culled from all lists
IC MONTREAL: [email protected] : local montreal/PQ
Posts to these lists are FREE | no Guarantees. read and delete.

Instant Coffee is a service oriented artists collective. We see our
listserve as a project within the larger framework of our art practice.


zingrecommends link changed:


They also started covering Los Angeles and Denver.

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