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September 17, 2004




Welcome back! I hope that your summer was as good as mine.

Play Ball!


funny! I was just thinking of visiting this show.


funny! I was just thinking of visiting this show.

Caryn Coleman

I just watched that Anton Vidokle video at the Hammer's Made in Mexico show. That show was kind of stinky but that piece was quite good. Glad to see your back and posting - missed you!


I saw the vidokle piece in boston, at the ICA's made in mexico show - loved it. good to see it in another exhibition.

Hannah Kops

We just finished these two websites.

One for German painter Hanjo Schmidt


and another one for NYC photographer Scott Davis


Hannah Kops

Sorry, here the links:


Ian Wojtowicz

This is a little off-topic, but does anyone here have any thoughts about the differences between SVA and Parsons? I'm an art school student in Vancouver and thinking about doing an exchange in New York. I'm also thinking about The Art Institute in Chicago. My main interest is in new media installation work, but I'm mostly interested in finding a vibrant, diverse environment where students are working in a wide variety media and subject matter. Thanks!




Not much activity here! Nothing's happened in over a year?

Greetings from Paris.

Matthew Rose

Kara Ruffin

Thanks for your blog! It is a great outlet from a long day at work!

Keep spreading the good word!!!

Kara's Blog -- http://onlinedatingspot.blogspot.com/


What a great site you have, it's so hard to find good art blogs. I posted a link to you from my writing blog, but wanted to introduce myself.


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I wish that more people would, not only promote art galleries and their wonderful exhibitions, but that more would also ATTEND these functions and expand their cultural horizons.

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