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June 10, 2004



Welcome back!!


It is cur-razy what people will invest so much time and money into. You should see my Mom and her lace. Tons and tons of lace, off of Ebay, out of antique shops, whatever. Makes my head spin, I try to put it in perspective and figure out what my "lace" is . . . still thinking about it. Maybe I just don't have a bathtub postcards or contemporary art in my life. ??? Anyway: Welcome Back.

Todd W.

If you liked "What a Collection!" you may want to check out the Museum of Online Museums. Some highlights:
- Gallery of 70's Weight Watchers Recipe Cards
- The Gallery of Lunchbox Advertising
- The Arcadia Bell Collection of Cigarette Rolling Papers
- Treasury of Macrame Owls


Hey! What a good idea - perhaps refined to fine arts collectors? I'm going to think and see if we can kick start it here in DC


here is my collection of found photos i started in 1998:

it has since been extended via submissions.


I just found your blog, and I am glad I did! I am an artist myself, and I enjoyed reading your tips on collecting art, as well as this link about collecting...a great way to procrastinate at work :) Thanks for your writings!

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