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May 11, 2004


Tyler Green

OK, but it's hard to get excited about a show of 2,845 artists. I mean, what can you really hope to see?


Yes, yes, yes. I hear you and it was overwhelming! The curators did a disservice to the artists they chose buy throwing them all in and not focusing on a few. Very bad. But I really believe that even if you go and just check out only one room (of the 12 or 15 rooms total), you'll come away having seen some great art. I promise. I thought it was that good.

Tyler Green

Great art... Of course, according to the standard of the day, better-than-average art goes for $104M....

Tim Cone

I saw the Open House show and I agree with you: it's well worth seeing!


hello, i just wanted to let you know alot of great unknown artists got left out of this show for known artists, some just for that fact alone. Im not angry thats just the way it is. take care. If you are interested in seeking these people out, let me know you definitely will find some kick ass work if you do. thanks,

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