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May 03, 2004


sean bonner

Ah! One of Caryn's and my favorite topics. Be sure to ask her about the "other gallery" she worked at for a while where the hired cleaning people were caught seconds before spraying windex ONTO on painting.



My favorite tip for the handling of art is that the bubbles in the bubble wrap should always be on the outside.

Although it is only CO2 inside the bubbles, it still can mess with stuff as it escapes through the plastic.

Play Ball!


There is a lot of a lack of understanding amongst buyers and even some framers about archivalness. When I sell an unframed print I try to give a mini-lesson on this issue and encourage using a reputable framer and requesting archival matting etc.

Thanks for this important article and look forward to the rest. I may link you and post on my site when you have them all up.


Thank you for sharing it. It is very useful. I love it.


Regarding the section, on Handling artwork, your quote states, "When handling artwork, always try to use white art-handling cotton gloves."

The more true answer is, "It depends". For example, your average art owner/collector should not be generally touching the surface of an unvarnished, acrylic dispersion painting... but gently touching the surface of a varnished oil painting may be ok- what do you think conservators do? On reason NOT to wear gloves is that the cotton fabric can catch on edges of paint flakes, causing losses in the paint film. If you have a silver figure however, of course you'd use gloves!

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