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May 25, 2004



Thanks for covering Miami. The show hasn't opened yet(open reception is saturday). Miami's art scene is hot even in the summer!



I am so happy your site is taking off! The minute I discovered Art Addict - well, I knew the whole endeavour would be a fantastic ns stimulating resource.

For a while, and I kept off emailing you about this, due to modesty or awe or whatever - but do you realise (and I suspect you do) - that you are producing the ultimate primer for young adult art collectors?

Book deal!!!
And when its produced I'll send it to all my god children.

(If you can't find a publisher I might be able to help)

I'm a bit hurt that you've - well, I'm not no loger on your Favorite Non-Art Blogs "list" ...

Feeling slighted a bit but thats okay. i have to focus and work on my blog and maybe its not worth doing anyways.

You have a wonderful site and resource and more power to you.

Wih best reards,



Great to find a really good site with a really great and passionate person talking about art


I live in miami and out of every museum in town, I like the rubell family collection best--a creepy space in an old DEA warehouse on the wrong side of the tracks...

Helen Ann Licht

I am going to Miami April 1 for 5 days and would like outstanding contemporary gallery information, Also I will be in NYC on an art tour from May 28 with extra time until June 6. I would like contemporary art information there too. Thank you, Helen Ann Licht

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