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May 05, 2004


Alex Nin

Come on! Break all those rules and Art will be alive!


I know it sounds like an awful lot of negatives -- Don't do this and don't do that, and no, no, no. I sound like the parent I never want to become. That said, I have run across a lot of people who seem pretty unclear about basic art care. I, like you, think art is alive! But, just as I water my plants and feed my dog to make sure they keep living, I also take care of my art to make sure it sticks around for years to come. I also have this crazy notion that I am taking care of the art for the artists who made it, kind of like I'm just borrowing it from them for a while. They did their part in making it, I try to do my part in taking care of it. Pathetic, maybe, but I think it will pay off in the long run if I'm making good choices in the company of art and artists I keep. Thanks for commenting!


Thanks for your tips. I work in a historical museum, but as someone with an art history background, it always shocks me how my non-art history coworkers always put our collection of 19th century photos by the south-facing window. I feel bad nagging so much...but, at the very least, they could think that it is our livelihood.

Is your blog just for painting/photograph collectors? A French friend recently disclosed some common French knowledge about removing stains out of textiles by letting them soak in warm water and wood ash.

John Strobel

Please visit www.pictureplacer.com and see a really nifty picture hanging tool that has become indespensible in our home. It was inexpensive and it really works! No more "hanging" fights with the spouse.

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