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May 13, 2004



Most of the people I know who buy art at auction study the auction guides carefully before showing up and then spend time at the preview before the auction takes place. Also, anyone who has bought anything at auction will tell you that you must know your walk-away price BEFORE you bid, and then you stick to it. The comment's reference to quick decisions is off-base. I would assert that most decisions made for auction sales from experienced auction buyers are studied, not quick.

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I agree with the previous comment, I bought a David Burne piece for more then I should have because I didn't know my "walk away price" ... ah well live and learn :)

David Swales

Afternoon, I came across your site and after looking through it I just wanted to say what a great concept you have here. I have added it to my favourites as its such a great launch pad to so many great links.

I am an artist myself and will be having a solo show of some of my paintings at AFP Galleries (in The Fuller Building @ 58th St and Madison) from 1st June to 23rd June. You are very welcome to come along if you have time. My opening night will be the 6th June.

Kind Regards,

David Swales

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