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April 28, 2004




really wish i could see that show..love the piece you bought...waaay cool

bummer about deitch...waaaay uncool


Paige - where was this painting because I must have missed it at the opening. I am so confused because my friend and I went over every single piece. Maybe it was the rush of the crowd at the opening! I really liked the painting of the picnic scene with water in the foreground.

Tyler Green

I've heard similar Deitch stories before...


If your story is accurate, there is absolutely no excuse for that sort of boorishness, not in NYC or anywhere else. Any dealer who treats a potential customer that way deserves to lose business, and not just from the injured party. Apart from everything else, such behavior is exceedingly stupid.

Tyler Green

I'm AMAZED that more artists don't hold their dealers' feet to the fire about this stuff, be it dealer-to-potential-collector relations or even dealer-to-media relations. If I were an artist, I'd be pretty po'd. That dealer represents the artist -- the artist just lost $2K because the dealer acted (apparently) like a jackass.


Lamar probably lost more than $2K, knowing my friend's buying habits. The good news is that I know Richard Heller and I can get in touch with Lamar so my friend will be able to collect the work. Deitch was the loser that night, but somehow I don't think he cares. Ugh.

Oh, and I forgot to mention... my friend was able to meet Lamar at the opening and he went on and on about what a nice guy Lamar is. Gotta love those artists without attitudes.

W.D. Gary

This reminds me, even in NYC artists don't get paid enough. One can talk about " it's all about the art. " but we still live in a material world, more specifically, a country awash with cash - and artists need to live. Especially when they only keep 50-60% which in itself is atrocious.

$5,000 is slave labor, and $50,000 is okay. There was a time when artists were thought of like rock stars. Where is it all at??


Just went thru my latest Artforum and noticed in the Preview section they talk about Site Sante Fe and lo and behold who do ya think they mention......and include an image to boot!!! thats right Lamar Peterson!

check out the company he is keeping ...Bruce Nauman...Louise Bourgeois...Jim Nutt...Sigmar Polk...Kara Walker and the list goes on and on!!

Curated by Robert Storr

atta kid!


here is the link



It's just bad business. How does he know what someone's interest level/collecting habits/pocketbook is like?

The large woman, whose name escapes me, that runs Bellwether Gallery is far more rude and foolish if you ask me. I had heard about her put-on snobbishness even before I experienced it myself. I would never buy from her.

and as someone said..it's the artist who suffers.

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