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March 13, 2004



I loved that installation at Pierogi, too. When I saw it, there was a kid (maybe 9 years old?) and an older woman, maybe in her 70s both sitting at the desks, dilligently writing and drawing with giant pencils on lined newsprint. It was almost as though they were in a schoolroom factory, churning out pieces for the gallery to then tack up on the wall and sell (which actually would have been really funny)! They were so focused, it really seemed to be a part of the piece. In fact, I thought it was a part of the piece until I saw your photograph without them!

Another favorite of mine at the Armory was a DVD and performance artifacts from a trio of Japanese performance artists who collectively go by the name of "Kathy." They are trained in classical ballet, but dance with fishnet stockings or wigs over their faces, make video pieces, black and white photographs of themselves standing in garden landscapes (kind of reminiscent of Anna Gaskell's Alice in Wonderland series). It's all done in a kind of retro-kitsch-pop-culture way, but with a definite edginess that is not all that innocent, very much like the kids in Tokyo that dress up all crazy on the weekends or after school in Shibuya-kei. Still trying to find more information about them! Apparently they did perform twice at the Armory, on Friday and Saturday, but I missed it. But the artifacts from the performance were transfixing and mysterious even without the live performance itself to complement them, which certainly says a lot!

Value hunter

I too was taken with Pierogi's piece and hope to buy it. Thanks. I would have guessed it was $95,000 instead of $22,000.
-Value hunter

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