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March 13, 2004


sean bonner

See! This is the kind of coverage we need!!

Tyler Green

The art world is funny. We should laugh at it a lot. My favorite: The woman at Miami Basel who had SO OBVIOUSLY had butt implants that if you referred to the Butt Implant Woman, everyone *instantly* knew about whom you were talking.


My girlfriend swears she overheard a woman with a thick British accent musing: "This work is singularly disappointing." It doesn't matter what artist it was about...but the comment itself could only occur in art-space.


these are some of the funniest and accurate comments I have read in a long time!

This guy IS a total joke-- but let's leave it at that he's such an insecure little twerp, you really shouldn't give him any power. He's a dime a dozen-- but yes, I hope most women are not stupid enough to think that he's an upstanding benevolent guy who is going to buy their work or help them advance their careers. He is COMPLETELY self serving-- and here's a little inside dope-- he brags that he bought an ex-girlfirned her apartment in Chelsea-- but he'd only letting her live there-- I pity the foolish woman who is under this guy's thumb-- especially if she is in the art world-- It's hard enough out there!

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