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February 10, 2004


Bob Ragland

The artists that were featured on the Apprentice television show should get a career boost. Word is that the abstract artist sold 0ver 100 works in the following days. More television shows about artists are needed.In fact a reality show about artists and galleries would be informative and educate the art-illiterate.


Great blog! The combination of basics for beginners and tips and resources for veterans is excellent! Nice use of images as well. Congratulations.

Bob Ragland

I have a method of art buying for people who think they can't afford original works of art. I call this method the law of the 12/52, if a person would divide the price of the artwork they are thinking of buying by twelve months or fifty two weeks , they would be able to see if their budget would permit the purchase. Many people spend ten to twenty dollars every weekend on things that they never keep. 10x 52= 520, 20x52=1040. This may seem a simplistic explanation, but for those new to art buying this can help artists to close on sales of their work. Some people can be be very set on what they want to acquire artwise, on the other hand if the prospective collector want's to have an example of an artists work, this can be a way to start. Artists should remember to mention drawings and sketches as a starting point for the new collector when it come to people with limited means.These works on paper look great when framed and exhibited in a group. Some of the home magazines show photos of wall treatments using artists drawings.I have used this method and it does work. I am a journeyman NON-starving artist in Denver Colorado.

Bob Ragland

A note of general comment. There are about ten thousand art festivals in the USA each year. I mention this because, I think it's a miracle that we artists are able to sell anything to any one. It seems that there is an artist behind every window in the country. I use windows because there are so many of them, I look at buildings and think how they represent the number of people that I have'nt sold any art to. This means that I have a lot of work to do.I happen to be an artist that has been able to live from my artistic endeavor, I have'nt had to do any other kind of work for about the past thirty years. I am a NON-starving artist. I have some survival information published that I will send to any one who would like the data. Send Three dollars to 1723 E.25th Ave-Denver,Colorado,80205. Allow Two weeks for snailmail delivery. Art schools graduate about 35,000 students a year, many of these institutions do not give students a survival skills toolbox to have a fine art career. As a result, many people who want to be artists give up and consign themselves to work that they dislike. My information will help because I have used it to have a good journeyman artlife. Sincerely, Bob Ragland-NON-starving artist.

Bob Ragland

The art world is full of art illiterate people, no matter how many articles and books made available lay people still ain't paying any attention to the visual artists. I get press on a steady basis in Denver and people still ask if I am making art. I always answer ,yes but evidently not enough. I am having one of the best art years ever. I sold a collection of my work to a museum in Denver. This will give me some posterity, my artistic efforts will be preserved and protected. The money ain't bad either. Cheers, Bob Ragland- NON-starving artist.

Bob Ragland

It's been awhile, so here goes. Painting small works this gives me time to chop wood and haul water. I am working on a series of 6x8 inch works. I am doing a series ala Morandi and Kulicke.
I may try to show these little works unframed at one of my collector's homes. I'll put them in a old suitcase and see what happens. I don't know exactly when I'll undertake this mission. But soon.

Bob Ragland

With the cost of mail going up, it would seem that galleries would consider using the mail in a more cost effective manner. I am talking about some of the most unused real estate in the mail. The back of envelopes could suggest books on art appreciation and the mention that original works of art can be bought on the payment plan. New people need to see the last statement in writing. To many people do not know tha art can be bought on time. A revenue stream is important for all involved.

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