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February 11, 2004



addict..addict..easliy an addict

when it comes to collecting I would fall into the above category...you know you are one if you wake up at 3 in the morning thinking about a piece you MUST have..or, instead of focusing on your date's conversation at dinner , you are thinking about how you can easily afford that new paiting you saw when you are still paying for that last work on paper you bought...

finally, I knew I had to enter a 12 step art addiction program when, after getting a "no go" on a drawing that I wanted, i bought it anyway and had it delivered to my best friends house!...shhhh..dont tell anyone!



I came accross your beautiful blog about collecting art. I learned a lot that there are many kinds of art collectors. It is very interesting to know them especially from the point of view of an artist like me. As an artist I would love to understand how people collect art. Your blog is very helpful for me to know them.

Thanks a lot,


I am married to an Oil painter and the look on his face when I show him a painting I have purchased by another artist is just comical. My style as a collector varies depending on my mood.

I like figurative work with a narrative quality. I visited a local museum recently and spent the most time before this type of painting.

I like to view the work and try to figure out what is going on in the painting. What are the characters thinking. What action is about to take place.

This kind of painting holds the most appeal for me.

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